About us

About us

Allow us to introduce to you a new concept, Breast Augment; a company that will offer you a safer journey and a gold standard of care if you are looking to undergo a breast enlargement.

Established by a leading plastic surgeon and breast implant expert, Breast Augment has been designed to set the highest standard in breast augmentation surgery. Our philosophy is clear; we will offer the best at all levels of your treatment and aftercare, “experts delivering excellence in Breast Augmentation surgery”.

Our surgeons are hand selected based on the highest level of criteria to provide excellence in surgery; throughout your treatment including aftercare. Our hospital Brand Partners are accredited by the care quality commission, providing the best care at your locality throughout your journey.

We respect patient choice. Our surgeons will only use implants that are CE marked and MHRA approved.

Our aftercare packages are second to none for your peace of mind. Please click for more details.

Our Team
Ali Juma

Ali Juma

Mr Ali Juma, the medical director of Breast Augment, is one of the country’s leading plastic surgeons. As an NHS consultant of 12 years’ experience he built a large practice in performing breast reconstructive surgery. He extended his skills to the art of cosmetic surgery in the private sector over the same period of time.

His ethos is simple there is only one standard of care which is offered to the patient, this being the highest standard. Breast Augment was born as a result of this philosophy as he aspires to ensure this standard of care is available to patients nationally. Put simply he is a perfectionist.

Rachel Barr

Breast Augment Limited-the concept

Breast Augment Limited was born from a passion in believing patients deserve the safest and best care any surgeon can provide at all times. By bringing under its umbrella, like-minded excellent surgeon members practicing in the UK’s best private hospitals, it keeps the standard of care and aftercare at its highest.

At Breast Augment, we believe in providing an educational, clear, well-structured and engaging approach to assist our prospective patients in making the most appropriate decisions, as we feel cosmetic surgery is not just a procedure; but also a life-changing event.

Following the surgery and the positive change experienced by our patients in their body image, they can opt to become life members at Breast Augment. As a result, this will make available to them lifestyle high quality brand partners’ offers.

We also believe in supporting our surgeon members for their continued professional development; which is provided with the support of our carefully selected medically based brand partners.

Our principles are simple; we invest in our patients’ safety, wellbeing and surgical outcomes, in addition to excellent aftercare packages; and as a gesture of gratitude and appreciation our patient members may opt to benefit from our top end life-style brand partners’ offers. Contact Us.

We do not just offer a surgical procedure; we in fact offer a fresh way of thinking and a lifestyle.

Our Hospitals

Our Hospitals

Our hospital providers are the safest and highest quality in the UK; they share our philosophy in the provision of excellence. With well-located sites across the country, you can rest assured that we can cater for your surgical journey at a hospital near you.

Our surgeons

Our surgeons

Our surgeons are hand-picked to Breast Augment’s stringent set of criteria, (see table below); to ensure the safest surgical journey and gold standard aftercare for you. They are professional, caring, and compassionate and will make you feel at ease.

Credentials Plastic Surgeon Breast Surgeon
Qualifications UK trained-CCT UK UK trained, Oncoplastic route-CCT UK
Minimum years in practice 3 years 3 years
Minimum NHS years in practice 3 years 3 years
Specialty interest Breast Breast
Professional bodies BAAPS, BAPRAS or ABS BAAPS or ABS
GMC Specialist register-UK route Specialist register-UK route
GMC record No previous suspensions No previous suspensions

Thank you and your wonderful team for the excellent care and attention I received. You have saved my sanity, thank you. 


Patient Registration

Having had your surgery and as a valued patient of Breast Augment you can register your interest in becoming a life member of our company.

Once you are a member you will be entitled access to our brand partners’ unique offers. This is only a small measure of our gratitude to you and our thank you for choosing us.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and thank you in advance.

Surgeon Registration

As a prospective consultant member we would like to extend our appreciation to you in joining our elite of highly qualified and experienced surgeons.

Please do register your interest to explore what we offer in both the medical and non-medical arenas from our brand partners adding to your already flourishing practice.


As one of our highly respected consultant members we would like to extend our gratitude in joining us as small elite of highly qualified and experienced surgeons. Please do login into our member’s section to explore what there is on offer in both the medical and non-medical arena.


As a valued patient and member of Breast Augment we welcome you to our unique offers, which will be suited to your new life style. So please do enjoy them by logging in.