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Breast Augmentation surgery and terms patients use when

Friday, February 20, 2015

Breast Augmentation surgery and phrases people may use when “Googling”

Google to date is the most popular search engine worldwide. When patients in the UK decide that they wish to explore having breast enlargement surgery they would surf the worldwide web/internet to achieve their goal of locating a surgeon or a clinic suited to their needs.

Breast augmentation is defined in the English dictionary as a cosmetic procedure to increase the size of the female breasts with silicone implants. However, with the advance in surgical techniques and technology other methods like fat transfer otherwise known also as lipo-filling/lipo-modeling have become popularized.

The search phrases for breast enlargement surgery varies significantly from individual to individual, geographical location to location, timing during the day or evening, and as to whether the website platform is newly launched on Google or if it commands such maturity, and consistency in providing high quality updated material that is relevant to what the site is promoting over the years of its activity.

Synonyms to the female breast in the Oxford English dictionary are multitude and include; mammary glands, bust, boobs, jubblies, baps, knockers, boobies, orbs, bazookas, and melons. Some of these terminologies are more vulgar than others; however, they maybe used interchangeably

Common synonyms to breast augmentation surgery include; breast enlargement, breast implants, boob job and breast enhancement. However, on occasions patients may also use the broader terms/phrases; plastic surgery, silicone implants, cosmetic surgery, and cosmetic breast surgery in their search to locate information relating to breast enlargement surgery on Google.

As the techniques which surgeons offer patients as a method to enlarge their breasts have evolved over the years, and now include the use of fat transfer synonymously also known as lipo-modeling, lipo-filling and lipo-sculpture, patients may use these phrases when searching for a surgeon or a clinic to undergo breast enlargement surgery.

All in all the words and phrases used to search for the most common cosmetic procedure in the UK and Europe varies significantly and depends on a diverse number of variables which add to the complexity of optimizing a website in a very competitive market place.

The ability of a website to become highly visible to Google and commanding the first few lines on page 1 without the use of the add click campaign, i.e. What is given the name “organic ranking” is likely to warrant system engine optimization otherwise known as SEO, and comes at a high financial cost especially when competing for the most popular procedure, breast augmentation/enlargement.

However, this is in a degree of flux and newer methods to achieve such objectives at a lesser costs with the use of social media and Google+ are evolving and when used as adjuncts to SEO could be very powerful tools.

Aggressive marketing strategies adopted by the larger cosmetic service providers to dominate the visibility on Google with their bigger cash pots gives these companies higher visibility on the internet/worldwide web. This will give potential patients the strong impression that this provider is a market leader in such surgical work as breast enlargement surgery and is offering the best and highest level of service and aftercare, which may not always be the case as was seen in some cosmetic surgery companies and the PIP scandal to the detriment of some patient.

At Breast Augment we do not use aggressive marketing sales angles and tactics to reach our population of potential patients, this simply goes against our values. However, we utilise highly refined scientific methods in our quest to deliver focused educational content about what we offer and the surgery we offer to our potential patients.

Our focused approach is geared to give our patients the best potential surgical results and we offer more robust after care. We believe in the simplicity of our approach and the phrase quality shines is best suited to what we offer.

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