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Breast enlargement and breast implants a brief history

Friday, February 20, 2015

A brief history of breast implants, and the changing trends in breast cup statistics

Breast enlargement surgery is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the UK and most of Europe; however, in the USA it is now second only to liposuction. The numbers of such procedures in the UK have grown significantly over the years and now are nearer to 40,000 cases a year.

The national average of breast cups in the UK according to the Mirror newspaper is a D cup now; whilst, more than a decade ago this national average was a B cup.

This national average of breast cups does vary with the geographical location, Scotland taking the lead at DD cup, followed by England with C cup and Wales at a B cup.

In some of the UK cities, as demonstrated in a recent survey, the cup size following breast enlargement surgery is higher than the national average at DD cup, such cities are Liverpool and Glasgow, London, the Capital for a change, trailed behind at a C/D cup.

Breast augmentation procedure was pioneered by two American surgeons; namely Frank Gerow, and Thomas Cronin. However it was Gerow who had first come up with the idea when he squeezed a bag full of blood and he remarked how much it felt like a female breast.

Breast enlargement surgery was first performed in 1962 in Texas, USA on a mother of six, by Gerow and Cronin. The procedure took 2 hours and transformed the woman’s breasts from a B cup to a C cup; she also concomitantly had her prominent ears correction, which she initially presented with to the two surgeons.

Cronin presented the work at the International Society of Plastic Surgeons in Washington DC more than half a century ago in 1963, where the Plastic surgery world had received the work with great enthusiasm.

Although other techniques were also available at that time, like direct injection of silicone into the breast and insertion of sponges into the breasts, both of these techniques were unsafe and had significant risks and complications, which lead to their demise with the passage of time.

Celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Jane Mansfield had a great influence on women seeking to have their breasts enlarged; this was further influenced by designers like Dior in empahsising the curvy female shape; hence encouraging women in having breast enlargement.

This trend of celebrity influence continues to be a powerful influence to date on females wishing larger breasts and breast enlargement surgery, with celebrities like Jordan amongst others having a great impact on how women think in the UK in the 21st century.

Breast implants initially only came in four sizes, large, medium, small and petite, and had a Dacron synthetic patch attached to the implant back in order to anchor the implant to the chest wall with stitches. They were also initially shaped/teardrop, and only at a later stage were they were made round.

Now the range is much more extensive, including not only round and shaped/teardrop implants but also variations in the profile, height and width of the implant. In the case of the shaped/teardrop implants, and different profile and diameter in the case of the round implants.

Allergan, a market leader of more 37 years pedigree in breast implants manufacturing would offer more than 600 implants variations in their range, making the tailored breast enlargement surgery; the “couture boob job” a real possibility for the surgeon to offer to the patient for the best results and cosmetic outcomes.

Breast implants technology continues to evolve and the quality remains extremely high thus allowing the implant companies to offer guarantees that they could not offer more than a decade ago.

In the case of Allergan the guarantee extends to a robust 10 years on their very high quality Natrelle breast implants range if they fail and leak during that period of time following breast augmentation surgery. This tie well with our after care insurance packages to add to our patients’ peace of mind.

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