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Cosmetic Consultation Fee

Monday, February 23, 2015

A cosmetic consultation fee is a professional fee that your Plastic or Breast surgeon would charge for the quality professional time, during which they dedicate themselves to you and spend with you at your consultation to listen to your clinical requirements, assess you, and discuss the surgical plan and aftercare with you.

The General Medical Council, GMC, views on consultation charges are clear, and although a consultant may opt not to charge a consultation fee as a matter of discretion they must not refund this consultation from the surgical fee; as this is seen as an inducement to the surgery and is not an acceptable practice in the UK.

The British Medical Association, BMA, suggests when charging the consultation fee to keep in mind that the charges should be fair and reflective of the experience of the consultant providing the service. The fees should preferably be agreed in writing to avoid any misunderstanding.

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons, BAPRAS, view on consultation charge/fee confirms the view iterated by the GMC regarding the refund of the fee in the care package as this will be seen as an inducement to undergo the surgery, which is an unacceptable practice.

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, BAAPS, in its patient’s guidelines writes that the patient should make their own decision, be well informed, be comfortable with that decision, know about he surgeon, get the timing right for the surgery, talk to their GP, and changing their mind is always possible before the surgery and to take time in thinking the whole journey of the surgery.

BAAPS, also talks about the location where the surgery should take place; suggesting the nearer the better, in addition; travelling abroad for cosmetic surgery is not desirable.

The BAAPS also stresses for the patient to beware of a “free” consultations and to avoid booking fees and non-refundable deposits, a practice which is often used by the commercial clinics. There is nothing free in life and if surgery is right then there is no need to be locked into any financial cancellation penalties.

At Breast Augment Limited, BAL, we apply and follow the edicts and principles of all the governing bodies and relevant associations, including the GMC, BMA, BAPRAS, and BAAPS.

We strongly believe in life there is nothing free and also you get what you pay for. However, our believes extend in our giving our patients the best treatment we can provide without making a cosmetic consultation charge to undergo a breast augmentation surgery by one of our elite of highly regarded Plastic and Breast surgeons prohibitive.

We see the cosmetic breast surgery consultation fee as a very small financial investment for our patients. As the time spent with one of our consultants Plastic and Breast surgeons is of paramount importance both ways; for the patient to know the surgeon and what they offer and the surgeon to know the patient, understand their clinical needs and offer them what they will require surgically to achieve the best results and outcomes.

At BAL, we believe that a profound understanding of our patient’s needs; in addition to supporting them in the pre-operative and postoperative journey; is the only way for us to provide the best treatment and aftercare.

Hence all in all, the consultation charge, will appear even to the most savvy of patients to be a very small fee, which is worthwhile spending to get the understanding and the planned care the patient deserves in their surgical journey to undergo the breast enlargement they have always desired, by one of Breast Augment hand picked British trained consultant Plastic or Breast surgeons.

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