The Spire Murrayfield hospital picturesque serene location is ideal to provide an excellent service to Breast Augment patients over a wide geographical location for which it is well positioned for making it easy for the patients and their family members to access at any time, from any location in the Wirral, Chester, other locations in Cheshire, and North Wales.

The hospital has more than 30 years of pedigree of looking after patients and in a recent survey 99% of these patients would recommend this hospital. A result it can deliver as it has a dynamic and fully committed, innovative management and staff team. Their aim to is to safeguard the patient in their journey and aftercare, delivering excellent clinical outcomes, an ethos that mirrors ours at Breast Augment.

The hospital prides itself on the highest quality of the nursing care it provides to the patient, the aftercare and support, which it excels in.

Call: 0800 193 3031


Holmwood Drive, Wirral, Merseyside. CH61 1AU

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