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Our new website is launched

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

We are very proud to announce our unique website is ready to be presented to our readers on the Internet; including surgeon members, patients and our brand partners.

It has been a year since we commissioned the build of the website and we have dedicated many hours not only in carefully writing focused and clear content with scientific yet easy to read and understandable information; but we also acquired high resolution images, recorded video content along with patients testimonials where we thought is necessary for you to see you in your own time and to enjoy.

We wanted each image to have relevance to the theme of the page as and when possible, which was not as an easy task as we had thought originally and was time consuming; however, reflecting on this time we had spent it was worth every minute and was very enjoyable in its own way.

We studied all the relevant cosmetic surgery websites available on the Internet and took into consideration their strengths and weakness. We also researched a number of non-medical websites as we felt in some of these websites;content was presented in a fashion we found to be reflective of the way we think, clear, concise and focused.

We consulted a number of females of different ages, a population equivalent to our patients in age and background prior to putting the building blocks to our website, as we wanted to reach the reader of our content from their perspective.

Breast Augment website is a great example of how team work brings excellent results were the mutual benefit is to all concerned; including easy navigation, clear scientific easy to read content, lack of clutter, easy on the eye colours, which are professional, medical yet friendly and attractive, in addition to clear diagrams, and unlimited access to our brand partners to both patients and surgeons members.

The website was built and will continue its evolution, and ready for accepting updates at all times, it is built to accommodate the needs of our dynamic company, Breast Augment, which will always continue to be at the forefront of its filed of work and the way its presented and also the way its provided.

The website has locked pages for patients and surgeons members only, a unique feature of a cosmetic surgery provider portal, as we feel that the information we provide to both populations is private to both and should be only accessible by them. The website also has links to all the relevant social media links relevant.

Meanwhile please do enjoy navigating through our website and spend the time to absorb the provided information including the content relating to the high quality care and aftercare packages that we pride ourselves on as a company and as a group of surgeons and flagship hospitals that are dedicated to your care, after care and outcomes of breast augmentation surgery.

I hope the work the team had put in bringing together and enjoyed in doing so even when at times it seemed that completion was beyond reach you would find to deliver to your needs and expectations.

We are very open-minded and welcome any suggestions that you feel will contribute to our website at its launch and beyond it as we accept that there is always room for improvement however good the website is.

Patient Registration

Having had your surgery and as a valued patient of Breast Augment you can register your interest in becoming a life member of our company.

Once you are a member you will be entitled access to our brand partners’ unique offers. This is only a small measure of our gratitude to you and our thank you for choosing us.

Looking forward to hearing from you, and thank you in advance.

Surgeon Registration

As a prospective consultant member we would like to extend our appreciation to you in joining our elite of highly qualified and experienced surgeons.

Please do register your interest to explore what we offer in both the medical and non-medical arenas from our brand partners adding to your already flourishing practice.


As one of our highly respected consultant members we would like to extend our gratitude in joining us as small elite of highly qualified and experienced surgeons. Please do login into our member’s section to explore what there is on offer in both the medical and non-medical arena.


As a valued patient and member of Breast Augment we welcome you to our unique offers, which will be suited to your new life style. So please do enjoy them by logging in.