Vectra 3D camera

Vectra 3D camera

Vectra camera is a revolutionary 36 mega pixel 3D high resolution imaging system; that allows you, the surgeon to work with the patient to visualise the potential outcomes of their breast augmentation surgery. The 3D image which is captured in 3.5 milliseconds automatically uploads into a sophisticated computer analysis allows you and the patient to see what the outcome would be following the procedure by selecting different implant choices.

The benefits are

The benefits are:

  • Providing a visual representation to what the patient can look like
  • Shorten time between consultation and booking procedure
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Education relating to implant choice and selection
  • Useful for data collecting, auditing and research
  • Standardisation of pre and post-operative photographs for publications and presentations
  • Reduction in potential dissatisfaction

As part of choosing Breast Augment as a potential patient we are delighted to offer access to a Vectra 3D camera system, for further information please contact us.


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