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The Perils of cosmetic surgery tourism

Friday, February 20, 2015

Cosmetic tourism is on the rise and over the last 2 years it is estimated that the figures may have doubled. Patients travel to as far destinations as Thailand in quest for cosmetic procedures; and Brits are using their holidays as an opportunity to undergo cosmetic surgery whilst abroad.

The main driving force behind cosmetic surgery tourism increase in the UK is low cost of the surgery abroad. The travel, including airfare, hotels, surgery and cost of sustenance over the duration of the holiday is often less than the cosmetic surgery itself when carried out in the UK.

Cosmetic surgery providers vary in quality and the support they may offer the patients; however, the data available on the World Wide Web is variable and inconsistent in quality, hence; it is difficult to make ends meat from such poor and non-standardized set of data thus adding further to the vulnerability of the travelling patient abroad.

Accepting that good cosmetic surgeons are available not only in the UK but also in the rest of the world; however, the training of plastic & cosmetic surgeons abroad in addition to the regulations governing the of provision of such cosmetic surgery treatments is not always set to the very high standards we have in the UK.

The second factor, which of significant importance; is the team, which supports the surgeon and the patient during and after the surgery. This team includes the anaesthetist, nursing staff, and the hospital/clinic; however, they may not necessarily be to the standard we offer in the UK, which governed by the CQC.

The third factor, which is often forgotten; yet weighs as much as the others if not more is the postoperative care. The patient once back in the UK may suffer a postoperative complication and the question to ask who will support the patient during this time? And where would the patient resort to for such support. Currently a number of patients seek support in the NHS, nonetheless it is unknown as to how long would NHS be able to continue this support and the financial impact that come with it.

At Breast Augment we pride ourselves in our patients’ care whether preoperative, perioperative or postoperative. Our elite of hand picked Plastic cosmetic, Breast cosmetic surgeons, and the anaesthetist are amongst the best in the UK, our hospital partners are CQC approved well established and highly regarded not only locally but also nationally, the nursing staff and other supporting staff they employ are of the finest quality and the care is provided 24/7.  The whole team is here to care for you and your clinical needs at all times.

In addition we feel that in order to distinguish ourselves further we offer additional postoperative insurance packages at a very reasonable cost to give our patients the added security and peace of mind. So all in all we strive not to only give you an excellent surgical outcome but also as safe experience for the long term.

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