About the procedure

About the procedure

On the day of your surgery you will be greeted by the friendly team at the hospital who will get you settled in before seeing your surgeon for a final pre-operative assessment, discussion and consent.

Your breast augmentation surgery is usually performed under general anesthetic and the procedure lasts between 1-2 hours and may include an overnight stay.

About the Procedure

The incision is made either:

  • In the bra wire crease (inframammary crease)
  • In the armpit (axillary fold)
  • Around the areolar (circumareolar/periareolar)

Then, a pocket is made for the implant to fit. This pocket may be:

  • above the muscle
  • under the muscle
  • partially under the muscle (dual plane)

At surgery

Pocket partially under muscle
Before the pocket is made
Pocket partially under muscle
Pocket above the muscle
Pocket partially under muscle
Pocket partially under muscle
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Once the implants are positioned carefully in the pocket and the best cosmetic outcome is achieved, the incision will be closed. Drains may be used overnight and appropriate dressings will be applied.

Your surgeon will assess you following your breast augmentation and you will then be discharged when deemed safe to go home, with the appropriate post-operative instructions and follow up aftercare.


Dear Mr. Juma, my husband and I will never forget you. You are a man of your word and a true gentleman. Many thanks for all your help and care. 


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